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    Industrial Rubber Solutions

    Rice Polisher Rubber Brakes are rubber profiles
    manufactured with a blend of carefully selected polymers
    and ingredients to deliver the optimum performance
    at the best rice over the years .

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    Dehusking Rubber Roll

    Paddy has to be dehusked and polished to convert
    it into the marketable form of white rice. In the past,
    dehusking of the paddy was done manually by pounding
    the paddy in a receptacle with a wooden stump..

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    Elevator Bucket

    An economical substitute for conventional steel buckets
    on account of economical pricing, longer life, low power
    consumption and fast smooth and clean discharge with
    a very low percentage of broken grains/granules.

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    Rubber Hoses /Tube

    Paddy has to be dehusked and polished to convert
    Vacuum Hoses are pure polymer hoses designed with
    some special characteristics like self clamping and
    high temperature withstanding capacity.

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    Ashok Rubber Industries (ARI) is a name reckoned with excellent customer service, high-quality products and commitment for on-time delivery. ARI is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of rubber products in India and abroad. With a dedicated team both in office and at production, ARI is committed to grow along with its customers.

    We are equipped With quick turn NPI facility and sound technical resource makes creating custom products smooth for approval and production. Strategic supply chain partnerships help keep costs in check offering a wholesome package for our clients.

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    • Our products are reliable enough & perfectly suit with your purposes.
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    • We deal with the latest and well equipped machines, you may find the best products and the products are passed through many conditions such as stress, strain, molding and we deliver the best rubber products in our region and are expanding our business step by step.